Donate to Concordia Children's Services

We genuinely appreciate your interest in supporting Concordia Children's Services to share the love of Christ with children in the Philippines. Each of the babies in our residential care program and the urban poor children are gifts from God who need our care, love and support. We invite you to come and visit our center, because when you see the children and how we care for them, you will truly understand how your gift will benefit the children. 


If you have a birthday or other celebration coming up, we invite you to come by for a visit or send a gift to help a child. We know this will make your special day brighter.


We understand not everyone give financial donations or in-kind gifts, but please do remember the children in your prayers. Thank you for your support!


If you reside in the US, please click here for USA giving options to find easy options for tax deductible donations.


If you reside in the Philippines, you can visit our center and drop off a check or mail checks to:

Concordia Children's Services, Inc.
4600 Old Sta. Mesa Street
Santa Mesa, Manila, 1016

Donations can also be made online with a credit card via PayPal: 


If you have questions about congregational or organizational donations to Concordia Children's Services, please call us at: 354 6049 or email us at:


Thank you for your generosity - maraming maraming salamat!