Caring for the Babies

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It is vitally important to Concordia that children in the residential care program are raised in and cared for in a Christian environment, where they are loved and valued as a child of God. We also believe it is important that they grow up within the Pilipino culture. The caregivers address the children in both Pilipino and English.

Excellent care is given in a comfortable, home-like atmosphere. As the caregivers and staff work with the children, the smiles and giggles of the children reveal the love that each child desperately needs.

To ensure proper rest for the caregivers and staff, the working day is split into two shifts. Each day, we make sure all of the caregivers are feeling well and we have enough caregivers to properly care for all of the children. Not only does Concordia provide medical care for the children, but we also have a policy of providing medical care to the caregivers and staff.

The health and nutrition of the children is vital. We are meticulous about weighing the babies and checking for rashes or fever. Each week this information is provided to the doctor when he does medical checkups. The children are raised on an exclusively Filipino diet, consisting of rice, vegetables and meat/seafood.